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Nowak Cabinets began in 1990 when Joe and Tracey Nowak decided to venture out and create their own cabinet company.  Over the years, they have been blessed with a team of incredibly talented and dedicated designers and installers, who together have created a business they can all be proud of.  Two key elements of every design is attention to detail and the importance of completing every job accurately and on time.  Nowak Cabinets have proven time and again that this can and will be accomplished. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Nowak Cabinets

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Joe Nowak – Designer

               Nowak Cabinets was founded by Joe Nowak in 1990 as a cabinet manufacturer.  Tracey, his wife, came aboard in 1994 doing design and sales.  Joe is a craftsman and knows cabinet-making from the ground up.  He began doing design work years ago as well.  His knowledge as a craftsman, builder, company owner, and designer make him a complete package.  His wit, character, faith, and work ethic mean that his customers enjoy the process of remodeling their kitchen.  Honesty and integrity are his hallmarks and he strives to model that to their three children.  His faith is evident in his work and he is active in New Hope United Community Church.  Joe has built and/or remodeled 29 homes and buildings apart from his work in the cabinet industry. 


Tracey Nowak – Designer  

         Tracey has been doing kitchen and bath design since 1990.  It is not, however her length of experience which is her best asset.  Her attention to detail and accuracy are unsurpassed.  She has a dedication to her work which makes for happy customers again and again.  She simply has natural talent, which, paired with her uplifting personality, easy-going character and incredible work ethic make her one of the top designers in the area.  She has 3 children with Joe, two have already graduated and the youngest will graduate this year, all from Elk Rapids schools.  If you have Tracey as your designer, you are getting top-notch service.

Erica Siejutt- Designer

               Erica graduated from Baker College with a degree in Interior Design in 2004 and has been doing kitchen and bath design ever since.  Having grown up in the construction world learning from her father, Erica has a keen eye for understanding how the aspects of her designs affect and interact with the rest of the home’s systems and design aesthetics.  She has developed a five star reputation in the area as being a wonderful designer to work with because of her personality, punctuality, communication and completeness.  Erica is attracting more and more builders to Nowak Cabinets as they see how smoothly projects go with Erica at the helm.  Erica has two children and is passionate about her animal rescue work.


Kevin Beebe- Lead Craftsman & Installer

               All the local builders know Kevin because of his work.  They know that if he is installing cabinets in a home, that every detail will be given attention as Kevin is meticulous.  He is careful and conscientious to not interfere with any other work going on the home, goes to great lengths to make sure his work does not get damaged by other subcontractors and to make sure that each home is kept clean and respected.  He is an extremely talented craftsman who makes complicated cabinets and countertops as well as installing them.  He has being working in his trade since 1990 and continues to have the same passion for his work as he did back then.         

Brent Boncher – Owner 

               Formerly a civil litigation attorney, Brent left that industry to follow his desire to be in business.  Brent has always loved construction and real estate so this is a great fit.  He aims to grow the company and expand its scope.  He counts himself extremely blessed to be able to work with some of the most talented and dedicated people he has ever seen in their fields and at the same time blessed to have been able to purchase a renown business in the area in order to be with the love of his life, Shannon Jensen, a local realtor.  Together they have 6 children.  Brent was a frequent volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in his youth and founded a chapter of Habitat for Humanity while in law school.  He loves spending time with the children he shares with Shannon.  They attend Kensington Church in Traverse City and strive to continue the example of a faith-based business model initiated by the Nowaks.

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